Reactive Compensation for the Waste Water Treatment Plant called: Colinas de Pacora.

MTC Power Equipment, S.A. Maked the study, Calculation, Supply, Installation and Star-up  of one Automatic Capacitor Bank in 22.5 kvar Brand Lifasa, for the project Waste Water Treatment Plant called: Colinas de Pacora, month october year 2017.

Construction and Certification in Santa Maria Country Club of two Earthing System for the Project on Construction step of the Lantana Apartament Building.

MTC Power Equipment,S.A. maked the Study, design and construction of a grounded network for the crane project, Lantana + earthing network certification for The municipality, month october 2017,   

Also Design, construction of grounding network for two (2) 3x18kw load elevators for the project, Lantana + grounding network certification for the municipality, month December year 2017. 

Lightning Protection Systems for two (2) Aviation Hangar in the Howard Airport in Panama Pacifico, Year- 2011-2012


MTC Power Equipment, S.A. maked the supply, design and construction of protection system against external lightning, with 4 lightning rods models Saint Elme SE12 Brand Franklin France, for 2 airplane hangars at Howard Airport in Panama Pacifico + construction of (8) grounding with cadweld welding + equipotential connections with (2) shock coils or via sparks model HGS100EB / 100 KA. + (2) Zone Gard Series model lightning event counters -MPE, month April year 2012.