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Energy Division.

On this division of our company we provide for your projects, and buildings, Products for energy quality like:

Energy Storage Systems over 50mw, Outdoor & Indoor Switchgear 36kv, Pole Mounted Switchgear upto 38kv, Sectionalizers &  AutoReclosers 15-38kv, Distribution Transformers upto 36kv, Power Transformers upto  800kv,Reactive Energy, Energy Saving, Diesel Generators 10 to 2500 kva, 3 phase onlie UPS & 3 phase Voltage Stabilizers, TR-XLPE cables for  Distribution & Transmision lines, Energy Meters & Instruments Testers.

Lighting Division.

On this division of our company we develop for your projects and buildings, Lightings solutions like:

Lux level study and calculation, selection of the best model of lamps according the grade to your project qualification,  
lighting desing with energy saving applications, For ports, airports, houses,cities streets, commercial buildings, pools, entertainment 

Protection Division.

On this division of our company we supply for your projects and buildings., protections for:

Lightning protection systems, Surge protections, Electric network againt under and high voltage, Protection for data centers,offices and comercials buildings, Protections for electrical systems in hospitals and surgey rooms, Protections for residual currents and insulations monitors for industry,hospital, Rails ways and Swimming pool and Fault location systems.

We job for: Commercial, Industrial, Residential and Public Sector.

MTC Power Equipment, S. A. provide good quality products and services on these 5 sector of the electrical market that is: Energy, Distribution, Protection, illumination & Control. 
Every day we have  present that  the result of a excellence supply products and services, is to choice and to have the correct human team and the great high quality products manufacturers. all theys according with the international standards:IEC,CE, UNE, NFC, ANSI, NEMA, UL, BS, TS, TSE, ATEX,  TUV & ISO 9001, ISO 10002, ISO 14001, ISO18001, ISO 45001,  OHSAS 18001.

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